The fierce and powerful Dragon Emperor.

A young king of the Dragon Clan whose arrogance and lack of respect towards the ruler of the world, Goddess Clunea, resulted in her stripping him of his adult body and enormous power.

Illustrator: pako

Known work: "Shining Force EXA"


The phoenix princess.

Despite being the princess of the Phoenix Clan and the legitimate heir to the throne, she secretly longs to become a dragon - the giant, spiky, fang-filled mouth kind of dragon. Why one of the powerful phoenix royalty should want to become a dragon is a source of much curiosity (and hilarity) to her traveling companions.

Illustrator: Haruyuki Morisawa

Known work: "DREAM C CLUB"


A mysterious swordsman who must see the Goddess at all cost.

Unlike most would-be wishers, he challenges the Titans solo and seemingly without a care for injury or fatigue. His manner of dress suggests that he is a denizen of the Demon World's Reaper Clan.

Illustrator: Eichi Shimizu / Tomohiro Shimoguchi

Known work: "Linebarrels of Iron"


A goofy, somewhat excitable girl from the Spirit Fox Clan.

As part of this carefree fox tribe, she is a girl with nine tails and a keen sense of smell. She is very friendly and tomboy-ish but does show her feminine side from time to time. She also has an unhealthy love of buttons, especially the ones that drop boulders on your head when pushed.

Illustrator: Toshiyuki Kubooka

Known work: "THE IDOLM@STER"


A medusa with androphobia (fear of men).

A shy Medusa Clan mage with the power to turn men to stone at a glance. Unfortunately, her fear of men tends to lead to a trail of unlucky petrified admirers. As a result, her greatest desire is to rid herself of this troublesome phobia with the help of the Goddess.

Illustrator: Su Minazuki

Known work: "Heaven's Lost Property"


A Reaper Clan girl on a quest to aid her brother.

A somewhat prim and proper black mage on a mission. She is brave, kind, and sincere despite the ominous reputation that Demon World clans tend to have above ground.

Illustrator: Kumichi Yosizuki

Known work: "Someday's Dreamers"


A cowardly Golem prince.

A recently fledged Golem Clan prince. Though he may now be considered an 'adult' due to his fledging, he's still a boy at heart. Is currently on the run from his hundreds of rather large and aggressive fiancées.

Illustrator: Shinichiro Ootsuka (aka Dotter)

Known work: "Summon Night X"


A tiny Mandrake girl.

An emotionless girl who doesn't say much. Seems wise beyond her years when she does speak, but why a child would be wandering about the dungeon on her own is the greater mystery.

Illustrator: Sunaho Tobe

Known work: "Hexyz Force"


Goddess that created the world.

The all-powerful deity that created the world and the massive living labyrinths known as the Titans. She tasks all those who would beg a wish of her to undertake the "Holy Ordeals" and conquer these Titans. Has the ability to make miracles come true.

Illustrator: Kazushi Hagiwara

Known work: "Bastard‼: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy"

the four kings

The only female of the four but also the most sadistic.

Illustrator: Miyagi

Known work: "DREAM C CLUB"

the four kings

An elite strategist from the Dragon Clan.

Illustrator: Hidaka Nami

the four kings

He may look like a wimp but he's actually the most elite of the Four Dragon Lords. Very easy going.

Illustrator: Miyū

Known work: "Chrome Shelled Regios"

the four kings

The most obstinate of the Four Dragon Lords, trusted by Fang for his unquestioning service.

Illustrator: Kita Senri

Known work: "Samurai Shodown series"

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