Titan Darius

The first of the Titans introduced to the story, but definitely not the easiest. This tricky, robotic-faced dungeon turns up the heat with harmful lava pits nearly every step of the way. Avoid them and you might just survive… until you trigger a few traps of your own, anyway. This is the beginning step towards fulfilling your revenge against the Goddess Clunea- as long as a certain Phoenix Clan princess doesn't get in your way.

Titan Tortuga

Titan Tortuga is a tortoise temple, and the theme continues onward within. Fighting mermaids and leviathans sounds dangerous enough, but be sure to count your steps between fighting them; many passages are underwater, and if you push your party of lovely ladies too far, they could end up sinking instead of swimming. At least the hot springs will be a nice break in between.

Titan Slon

Though structured after an elephant on the outside, it has the treacherous workings of spider-like beasts on the inside. Watch your step as you pace across the poisonous swamps within - a noxious landscape that you will have no choice but to step on if you want to see the Goddess. A little bit of poison certainly won't kill you, but don't make a habit of it or you'll find yourself an easier victim for the eight-legged clan to feed on.

Titan Aguila

Unlike the other Titans, this one requires that you start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. This can get tricky when you're avoiding pitfalls- or maybe even purposefully falling into them. Finding the right path around these one-way sandy halls can be quite the task, but if you manage, rewards that will grant you deeper access into the Titan will be waiting for you.

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