3D Dungeon Crawling Through a Myriad of Mazes

Traverse through the bodies of the Titans by way of first-person dungeon crawling, bringing up to four party members along with you. Explore the dungeons fully and fill in the map as you take each step, or forgo the map entirely and learn to carefully avoid dangerous traps. Speaking of which…

Traps and Puzzles at Every Turn

Each Titan possesses a unique set of puzzles and traps to discover. From Titan Darius' pits of lava to holding your breath as you swim through the flooded corridors of Titan Tortuga, the elements will prove to be no easy adversary on your journey. Hidden treasure chests with key items, dark corridors, barred passages and one-way halls will challenge you to reach the Ark of the Titan each step of the way.

Unique Abilities System for Every Character

The Skill Map is a chart of obtainable skills and abilities unique to each of the playable characters in the game. Earn Skill Points by leveling up in battle and choose a path of Skills from a multitude of directions. You can improve each individual party member's health, have them learn healing or elemental abilities, obtain powerful physical attacks, or perhaps teach them how to have a stronger affinity with enemies from the same clan.

Build Your Charisma and Unchain a Family of Followers

As you battle, your performance is rewarded in the form of Charisma Points. The more Charisma you have, the more likely an enemy might consider you a worthy Master. When a bright ring appears on top of an enemy, show them your strength by choosing the Unchain option – an option which challenges you to time your actions within a pattern of circles - and create a small army of Followers who can fight alongside you, help you learn special Skills unique to their element, deflect attacks, or even take damage in your place.

Strategic Turn-based Combat System

Don't think being charismatic is all it takes to win a battle; many enemies won't be fooled, so you'll have to face them head on. Customize a party of four lead characters and play to each of their strengths in turn-based combat. Place all of your strongest members on the front lines to soak up damage, or choose to use a healer or support mage in the back row. Each character can also bring up to four Followers with them to battle, allowing up to sixteen additional party members to give you that extra edge in a tough fight. Just remember that the enemy can have a full party ready for action, too- sometimes even enough of a party to take up two or three screens at the same time.

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